About us

Micromega Dynamics provides services and support whenever problems or potential issues related to vibration or very high accuracy actuation have been identified. The key idea is either to help our customers in troubleshooting existing situations or to work together in order to get to innovative, world-class products and solutions.

We study and manufacture complete mechatronics systems, subsystems or prototypes including sensors, electronics, control laws and actuators.

Micromega Dynamics pursues a strategy of business partnering with market leaders in a wide range of industries including energy, aerospace, defense, robotics, optics, electronics, civil engineering, automotive and manufacturing.

Full service - Request - Design Prototyping - Production - Deployment

Our Strengths

  • Strong collaboration with our customer, taking into account their field experience from the design phase
  • Background in the selection of materials and processes
  • Background in mechanical design (i.e. Finite Element Modelling, fatigue analysis, etc.).
  • Background in electronics design: selection of industrial, automotive or military grade components, as appropriate, worst-case analysis.
  • Use of professional analysis and design software
  • Well-equipped manufacturing facilities
  • Trained personnel accustomed to practicing high standards of workmanship
  • Internal testing facilities (climatic chamber, electrodynamic shakers, etc.)
  • Collaboration with external testing facilities, e.g. Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory, High Voltage Laboratory for lightning protection strategies design and testing, etc.
  • Design and manufacturing of dedicated test benches
  • Experience in field commissioning and servicing around the world: i.e. wind turbines, steel plants, machine tools, paper mills, etc.

What we do

  • Vibration Analysis and Diagnosis
  • Vibration or Structural Problem Troubleshooting
  • Studies of potential solutions
  • Design of vibration monitoring and control systems
  • Manufacturing, on-site commissioning and servicing of such systems
  • Design and manufacturing of specialized actuators and sensors
  • Support to your in-house R&D team

Your benefits

  • Technological lead over competitors
  • Mastering new technologies thanks to the close collaboration with your own R&D Department
  • Improved machine dynamics; gain in performance and productivity
  • Increased reliabilty and lifetime of sensible parts avoiding wear and depreciation
  • Prevention of damages and downtimes

Contact us

Micromega Dynamics

Parc Industriel de Noville-les-Bois

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B-5380 Fernelmont, Belgium

V.A.T: BE 0466034916

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