Case study: Usb Accelerometer sensor for vibration analysis in semiconductor industry inspection machines

Problem description: Micromega Recovib.Feel® USB vibration recorder and the operator smartphone can be very helpful in special environment such as clean room because of their easy use. Indeed, inspection machines for the semiconductor industry experience more and more stringent precision requirements while being required to go faster to increase the production rate. With that respect […]

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Case study: Vibration reduction in water pump motor with magnetically boosted Tuned Mass Damper

Problem description: A 75kW water pump motor experiences excessive vibration levels (up to 11mm/s RMS) due to the presence of a structural resonance in the mechanical supporting structure (see below). The frequency of this structural resonance lays in the operating range of the variable speed motor, leading to a significant vibrations amplification. The vibration measurements […]

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Discover our RECOVIB range, very practical tools for the diagnosis of shocks and vibrations on your machines and structures !

Our RECOVIB range was designed to offer an intuitive and complete solution to maintenance teams that need a mobile vibration diagnosis tool that is easy to use and that also offers software and a “viewer” module to facilitate the interpretation of the data collected. Vibration analysis is no longer an arduous task thanks to our […]

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How can you hear ice grow?

IDD.Blade® and SHM.Blade® – Monitoring of rotor blades for the efficient detection of icing and structural damage SHM.Blade® and IDD.Blade® were developed with our German partner woelfel group. Icing and structural damage Authorities demand that a wind turbine (WT) is stopped in case of icing to protect the surrounding area against ice shedding. However, increased loads […]

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Lifetime prognosis with SHM.Tower, our new solution developed in collaboration with our German partner WÖLFEL Group

SHM.Tower® – Our intelligent and cost-effective tower vibration monitoring system. Valuable for a precise analysis of the lifetime of your wind turbine for its further operation   Vibration monitoring and further operation   Every wind turbine has its own individual structural and vibrational behavior while being in operation. The vibration load of wind turbines, especially […]

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Case Study: Machine tool retrofitted with AVR system

Scope Each manufacturing process is driven by the demand for high-quality goods at minimum costs. When it comes to production equipment, like milling, turning, drilling or grinding machines, the inevitable vibrations originating from the cutting process are one important factor which could limit the above-mentioned goals. The common approach to conteract chatter vibrations is to […]

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From Nanotechnology to astronomy

It is impossible to observe outer space through a telescope with a deformed mirror. How can you ensure ultra-precision positioning and compensate for any deformation? This is the mission entrusted to Micromega Dynamics for a future telescope in Turkey.   Wind turbines, machine tools, marine industries, aeronautics, automobile or railways … Micromega Dynamics feels at […]

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The new RECOVIB Tiny vibration recorder from Micromega Dynamics, an extremely practical tool for NVH validations performed by automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

A car that generates vibrations is tiresome and does not allow for a very comfortable drive. Before purchasing a car, the vibration level, the noise level and the hardness of the vehicle should first of all be tested and then quickly and effortlessly analysed. Vibration testing is essential and every automotive manufacturer or supplier aims […]

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