Case study: Usb Accelerometer sensor for vibration analysis in semiconductor industry inspection machines

Problem description:

Micromega Recovib.Feel® USB vibration recorder and the operator smartphone can be very helpful in special environment such as clean room because of their easy use. Indeed, inspection machines for the semiconductor industry experience more and more stringent precision requirements while being required to go faster to increase the production rate. With that respect it is necessary that the machine dynamics exhibits specified structural characteristics (resonance frequency, structural damping…) that depends on the machine design but also on the machine boundary conditions.

These characteristics can be obtained with dedicated professional setup, such as accelerometers, sensor, conditioning units and a dynamic signal analyzer. However, their use in a clean room environment can be clumsy (sensor mounting, cabling…). In a recent mission, it was proposed to use the Micromega Recovib.Feel® USB recorder and the related vibration analysis app to characterize the machine dynamics. The sensor, equipped with magnets, is easily installed on the machine and connected either to a smartphone or a PC.


Thanks to the Recovib.Feel® app (accelerometer software for smartphone) or Recovib.Suite (accelerometer software for laptop), it is possible to immediately observe the sensor acceleration signals. The figure below shows the response of the structure to shocks.

Initial setup is very intuitive, it possible to:

  • Select the sensor axis to be displayed
  • Setup high-pass/low-pass filters
  • Integrate (1x) or (2x) to get the velocity or the displacement of the structure
  • Select time or frequency analysis or both.
  • Define Spectrum characteristics such as:
    • Resolution (n points FFT)
    • Windowing
    • Type (PSD, FFT…)
  • Waterfall analysis

In addition, its very low background noise (0.0004gRMS) also allows to measure environmental condition, such as ground floor seismic acceleration.

To summarize, thanks to the Micromega Recovib.Feel® USB vibration logger, the structural dynamics of inspection machines for the semiconductor industry installed in cleanrooms was swiftly and efficiently recorded, leading to time savings compared to standard and much more expensive vibration analysis devices.

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  1. New vibration monitoring systems are offering more flexibility in price and function. Thanks for sharing.

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