Active and Passive damping devices

Case study: Vibration reduction in water pump motor with magnetically boosted Tuned Mass Damper

Problem description: A 75kW water pump motor experiences excessive vibration levels (up to 11mm/s RMS) due to the presence of a structural resonance in the mechanical supporting structure (see below). The frequency of this structural resonance lays in the operating range of the variable speed motor, leading to a significant vibrations amplification. The vibration measurements […]

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Case Study: Machine tool retrofitted with AVR system

Scope Each manufacturing process is driven by the demand for high-quality goods at minimum costs. When it comes to production equipment, like milling, turning, drilling or grinding machines, the inevitable vibrations originating from the cutting process are one important factor which could limit the above-mentioned goals. The common approach to conteract chatter vibrations is to […]

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Passive versus active damping devices

By Dr. Ir. Nicolas Loix Some vibrations problems are directly related to structural resonances, which are specific frequencies at which dynamic perturbations are, sometimes hugely, amplified. The level of this amplification is inversely proportional to the internal damping of the structure. Hence, in order to reduce vibration problems related to resonances, one will want to […]

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