Engineering services

What are your vibration sensor requirements ?

We design and produce custom-made sensors for very specific environments.

We are at the cutting edge of technology in terms of :

  • Temperature
  • Lightning protection
  • Synchronisation between sensors
  • Noise level
  • Certification (IP rating)
  • housing materials
  • Internal packaging
  • Size - Dimension
  • Battery life
  • Mounting type
  • Connectivity (Cable / Wireless)
  • Resolution
  • Range
  • Capacity calculation
  • Algorithm
  • Signal processing
  • Bandwidth
  • Filtering / Pre-processing
  • Data storage (volume / duration)
  • Power supply type
  • Frequency
  • Operating environment

Permanent monitoring

We provide you with support to help you to resolve technical issues in advance and to transform your maintenance management into a competitive advantage.

We develop our permanent structural health monitoring systems for all of your machines and facilities alongside your technical team.

Our system comprises:

  • Custom-developed sensors
  • An acquisition system that meets your needs
  • Cloud infrastructure for the management and interpretation of data
  • A warning and alarm system for the maintenance management of your machines and structures
  • A device management system for the effective operation of our system

Mobile support for maintenance technicians

We also offer a comprehensive vibration diagnosis system for your technical teams to optimise vibratory analysis and measurement quality.

Our system comprises:

  • Our wireless vibration diagnosis sensors
  • A smartphone or tablet application for the management of the systems (setting up of sensors and data analysis)
  • A business system that simplifies the vibration analysis for operations teams,  whether they are specialised in vibration measurement or not
  • We also offer the possibility of sending 4G network data recorded in the field via smartphone or Tablet to a centralised database for an in-depth interpretation over the long term.

Success stories


SHM.Blade, IDD.Blade (ice detection) and SHM.Tower for wind turbines with our partner WÖLFEL Group in Germany

The German company WÖLFEL Group, a solutions provider in the field of noise and vibration monitoring called upon our services for the development of three quality solutions to meet emerging needs in the wind power market. As a result, in collaboration with the WÖLFEL engineers, we have developed 3 solutions:

  • A structural Health Monitoring solution for turbine blades
  • An ice detection solution for turbine blades
  • A structural health monitoring solution for wind turbine towers

For these three solutions, WÖLFEL required very specific sensors and acquisition systems, offering a high standard of quality in terms of electromagnetic susceptibility, lightning protection, operating temperature (- 40°C), certification (DNV-GL) and cost efficiency. We have been collaborating and making progress together since 2009 and currently have several hundreds of SHM.Blade and IDD.Blade installed in the field. The SHM.Tower will make its first appearance in 2017.


The Structural Health Monitoring blades detect structural changes relating to a certain reference condition. This reference condition is determined fully automatically without any help from the outside and individually for every single rotor blade immediately after the activation of the SHM.Blade.

Such a blade-specific learning phase ensures high sensitivity to damage despite the mass and stiffness tolerances caused by production.

After completion of the learning phase the system continuously calculates condition indicators, which furnish information on the current condition of the blade at all times. By means of a two-level warning and alarm concept the system control is capable of reacting to and preventing subsequent damage. More detailed information can be provided via a web interface of the backup and monitoring system.

SHM.Blade for the detection of structural changes


The Ice detection Blade detects ice on rotor blades. As the sensors in the rotor blades directly record the actual icing condition, the results
are much more reliable than an assessment based on meteorological parameters.

Ice detection with the IDD.Blade is available as an option to the SHM.Blade.

IDD Blade


A careful and economically optimized operation thanks to the individual setting of operating parameters and performance curves for each wind turbine (WT) in your wind farm can only be realised with actually recorded vibration data. The monitoring system SHM.Tower has been developed to continuously record this vibration stress in your tower. With the integrated evaluation routines, e.g. warnings can be issued when threshold values are exceeded, thus providing a significant added value during operation.

WTs under excessive stress can be immediately identified and countermeasures can be taken.

Lifetime prognosis per tower segment

Human vibration meter “vib@work” with the INRS in France

The National Institute for research and Safety at work (INRS) is France’s reference public organisation in the areas of occupational health and the prevention of occupational risks.

The INRS recognised the need for vibratory measurement tools on its target market and contacted us to outline its requirements in terms of the ideal measurement device for performing vibration measurements on the human body.

It requested the design of an easy measurement system that could be used by non-specialists in vibration measurement, which provided reliable results and was reasonably priced.

As a result, in 2004 we launched our range of VIB@WORK sensors and now sell several hundreds of units in this range every year.


In order to help companies to comply with health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from vibrations, Micromega Dynamics has developed a complete range of vibration meters. Based on an innovative concept, the Vib@Work Hand-Arm and Whole-Body vibration meters automatically measure operators’ daily vibration exposure. Vib@Work Hand-Arm and Whole-Body are the next generation of human vibration meters/monitors.


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