Wind Turbine

For the past 10 years, we have been designing and manufacturing measurement devices for the Wind Energy sector. Offering the utmost quality, reliability and performance in the field, these devices are aimed at addressing a variety of challenges including high measurement sensitivity, harsh environmental constraints such as wide temperature ranges, high vibration, high immunity against electromagnetic interference and surge and lightning protection.


What we do

  • Structural health monitoring (blades and foundation)
  • Structural damping
  • Ice detection
  • Noise emission reduction
  • Condition monitoring sensors


What we can bring to you

  • We can improve the productivity by removing the tonalities in the sound spectrum of your wind turbines
  • We can monitor your wind turbine blades thanks to our structural health monitoring
  • We can increase the productivity of your wind turbines up to 10% thanks to our ice detection system
  • We can increase the lifetime of your wind turbine by damping structural resonances
  • We can reduce your maintenance and supervision costs

Wind Energy Portfolio