PanStarrs2 Telescope in Hawaii

Categories : Adaptive optics

The new PanStarrs2 telescope has been installed at the top of the Haleakala volcano at an altitude of 3000 meters.

On May 17th 2013, the PanSTARRS 2 telescope installation was finalised. It now sits atop Mount Haleakala (Hawaii), 3000m above the Pacific Ocean.
Commissioned by the PanSTARRS consortium, the telescope was made in Belgium by AMOS. Micromega-Dynamics is proud to have participated in this project: providing the support and shape system of the main mirror.

Starting from a blank page, combining clever mechanics and electronics Micromega’s Team was able to meet many stringent requirement such as:

  • Closed loop system
  • High axial load
  • High accuracy
  • High stroke
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Low lateral stiffness
  • Low power conception

Optical tests are due in august 2013, the telescope will thereafter starts its operation.


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