RECOVIB Suite Installation

The “I accept the terms…” box is not enabled and I can not progress with the installation/update

You have to read/scroll down till the bottom of the license text
for the “I accept the terms…” box to be enabled.


RECOVIB Converter

 What is Q format?

The Q format is a way to store decimal values under a very compact binary/integer format. This is a “fixed point format” where a part of the integer is used to store the part before the decimal point (integer bits) and the remaining part is used to store the part after the decimal point (fractional bits).

For example, the Recovib.Tiny software can export to Q6.9, Q8.7 or Q11.4 format depending on the selected range (±2g or ±6g, ±15g, and ±200g respectively) where 15 bits are used to store the value and the remaining one is used for the sign.

Practically, you just have to apply the following operations to the value read from the Q-format file to retrieve the stored value in m/s²:

  • divide by 512 (2^9) for the Q6.9 format
  • divide by 128 (2^7) for the Q8.7 format
  • divide by 16 (2^4) for the Q11.4 format

You can also find additional information at Wikipedia


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