In addition to the after-sales and calibration service that we offer for our vib@work vibration exposimeters, we also offer an effective monitoring service for your sensors and devices as part of our quality assurance system.

We are equipped with special air-bearing test beds for low-frequency tests.


Custom development

We design sensors, acquisition systems, or processing algorithms alone or in any combination for specific applications and environmen

Why a custom solution?

Of course if there is an existing device or solution on the market matching the requirements, we will not try to “reinvent the wheel”. However, in some cases a custom solution is needed.

The need for high performance

There are other devices currently available on the market, but they fail to provide the required level of performance.

Specific environments

The devices currently available on the market do not have the capacity to withstand environmental constraints (extreme temperatures, vibration, shock, lightning, etc.)

Overall cost

A demonstrator or prototype is built around commercially available sub-assemblies, but medium or large scale deployment is very expensive as the sub-assemblies used for prototyping or proof of concept implement extra features that are not strictly needed.

Integrity of the whole data acquisition chain

Individual solutions exist for sensing, acquisition and processing but they are unable to integrate the whole data acquisition chain (e.g. bottlenecks, inadequate filtering, lack of electromagnetic immunity of transmission lines, etc.).

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