Passive damper


TMD Pipe (TMD stands for Tuned Mass Damper) is a passive damper for the reduction of vibrations in piping systems and is composed of a mass, springs and dampers. Functional principle: the TMD tuned to the resonance of the piping system increases the damping significantly, thus reducing the resonant amplitudes.

TMD Pipe has been specifically developed because conventional vibration reduction methods have significant deficits. Conventional absorbers and snubbers require rigid abutment.

As a purely mechanical structure TMD Pipe does without electrical components so that it can easily be used in hazardous areas. Moreover, it requires no external power supply. This makes it more reliable, during earthquakes, for example, where full operation is required even during power failure.

TMD Pipe has been specifically developed for industrial use in facilities such as those within the chemical industry or in power plants. All components have increased corrosion protection. In addition, it operates reliably even under rough and changing environmental conditions.