The new RECOVIB Tiny vibration recorder from Micromega Dynamics, an extremely practical tool for NVH validations performed by automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

A car that generates vibrations is tiresome and does not allow for a very comfortable drive.

Before purchasing a car, the vibration level, the noise level and the hardness of the vehicle should first of all be tested and then quickly and effortlessly analysed. Vibration testing is essential and every automotive manufacturer or supplier aims to provide its customers with the best driving sensation possible. In order to differentiate from the competition, NVH validations (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) are key and enable competitive advantages to be developed between suppliers especially in respect of luxury cars.

We therefore paid a visit to JTEKT, a parts supplier for the automotive industry in order to perform an NVH validation test with our new vibration recorder sensor: The RECOVIB Tiny

As it is very robust, fully insulated and well-sealed (IP65) the RECOVIB Tiny can be attached to any part of a vehicle, even on the outside, under the car or close to rotating parts. In a test scenario on a moving car, standard measuring equipment often poses a problem in terms of the cabling and power supply.

The RECOVIB Tiny offers two main advantages:

  • Our new sensor is completely autonomous thanks to its battery and 2GB SD card.
  • Our sensors are synchronised with each other so that vibration levels can be recorded in different areas under the car, in order to analyse the way in which a car vibrates and deforms. This is currently a unique advantage in the marketplace.

Following the test, we then directly exported the raw data recorded and synchronised by our two RECOVIB sensors, which following analysis demonstrated that the JTEKT products are fully compliant with the quality required from an NVH point of view.


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