The RECOVIB range

Innovative devices for the diagnosis, measurement, acquisition and monitoring of vibrations on machines and structures.

Our RECOVIB range was designed to offer an intuitive and complete solution to maintenance teams that need a mobile vibration diagnosis tool that is easy to use and that also offers software and a “viewer” module to facilitate the interpretation of the data collected. Vibration analysis is no longer an arduous task thanks to our two new miniature data loggers: the RECOVIB Tiny and the RECOVIB Feel.

In this range we also offer permanent recording solutions for structural health monitoring with our industrial accelerometers and our acquisition systems that can be custom developed according to your requirements for the machine or structure to be monitored.

Discover our RECOVIB range

Recovib Tiny - RECOVIB Feel - Micromega

The VIB@WORK range

Human vibration dosimeters

The measurement of vibrations transmitted to the hand-arm system or to the whole body is no longer a job reserved to specialists.

In order to simplify the application of European Directive 2002/44/EC on the prevention of vibrations, Micromega Dynamics developed, in partnership with the National Research and Safety Institute (INRS – Institut National de Recherche et de Sécurité ), the Vib@Work Hand-Arm and Whole-Body dosimeters, which automatically measure the vibration exposure of operators during their working day.

The range includes:

  • The Vib@Work Hand-Arm dosimeters, which measure vibrations transmitted by vibrating tools to the hand-arm system.
  • The Vib@Work Whole body dosimeters, which measure vibrations transmitted to the whole body.
  • Three sensors, Seat, Floor and Detect make up the range of the Vib@Work Whole Body. When used in combination, seat efficiency (i.e. S.E.A.T factor) and stand-up operator vibration exposure can be measured.

Discover our VIB@WORK range

Human Vibration dosimeters-Micromega Dynamics - VIB@WORK

Building blocks

Our “building blocks” can be used as sub-assemblies for a customised solution to be developed with our technical team according to your technical criteria in different areas:

  • Active and passive vibration damping
  • Vibration monitoring on your machine or structure
  • Vibration recording for a mechanical or structural diagnosis
  • Whole-body vibration recording
  • The interpretation of vibration data with the aim of developing a predictive maintenance system
  • High-precision mechanisms

The “building blocks” may also be used as sub-assemblies in a customer-specific solution. If required, all of the “building blocks” can be modified and sold separately depending on your needs.

Discover our BUILDING BLOCKS range

Micromega-Dynamics-Building Blocks

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