RECOVIB Feel has been designed for performing an immediate vibratory analysis. It is connected to an Android device or tablet PC via a USB connection. The supplied application enables the streaming of real-time vibration data on a chart in the time domain and in the frequency domain.

Once the data has been extracted, you can replay it in a data viewer, on your smartphone or your PC. The viewer allows for a detailed analysis of the vibrations recorded in the time domain and in the frequency domain.

Various signal processing options are available: high-pass, low-pass and band-pass filters, integrator filters (velocity mode) and dual-integrator filters (displacement mode).

In the frequency domain, there are a number of possible FFT-based computations: Amplitude Spectrum Peak and RMS, Power Spectrum, Power Spectral Density and Amplitude Spectral Density.


Possible Use

  • « Quick & dirty » vibration monitoring
  • Real-time vibration analysis
  • Real-Time frequency and time analysis
  • Vibration diagnosis
  • Machine tools – Automotive – Aviation
  • Structural analysis & Health monitoring


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