Wireless vibration sensor : Tiny Vibration Recorder

The Recovib.Tiny is a 3-axis shock & vibration data logger. This wireless vibration sensor is extremely practical for a vibration diagnosis, offering up to 6 hours of measurement. Its wireless technology and intuitive operation provides substantial time savings in the performance of your measurements. It is the only type of vibration and shock recorder that allows several sensors to be used simultaneously in a synchronized manner enabling the performance of modal analyses and operational deflection shape analyses on large structures such as bridges or Walkways.

We offer different measuring ranges: ± 2/6G, ± 15G, ± 200G.

It is able to record 1024 acceleration values (shocks and vibrations) per channel per second.

The RECOVIB Tiny is the smallest, lightest and the most robust recorder on the market that is able to perform recordings in extreme conditions ranging from -10°C to +50°C. It is also dust and watertight to IP65.

The smallest vibration recorder on the market

What is a wireless vibration sensor ? What is it used for ?


It is a sensor that allows vibration measurements to be made without the need for wiring, which is very tedious for a one-off measure and very costly over long distances.


How does a wireless vibration sensor works ?


In our case, it is a vibration recorder that stores the measured values (so no communication, no wifi, no cable).


What are the advantages of Micromega vibration sensors ?


  • It saves you time (no cable installation)
  • It saves you money (prices of cables)
  • It is removable


Typical Use of Our Wireless Vibration Recorder


  • “Quick & dirty” vibration monitoring & diagnosis
  • Remote vibration diagnostic/consultancy
  • Vibration measurement on rotating parts
  • Vibration modal analysis
  • Machine tools – Automotive – Aviation
  • Structural analysis and health monitoring
  • Traffic and transport sector



  • 3 axis
  • DC to 250Hz useful bandwidth
  • Low noise
  • 6-hours battery autonomy (1024 samples/second)
  • 2 GB storage capacity
  • Wireless during vibration measurements
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Protection grade IP65 – Total protection against dust & splashing water
  • Several sensors can measure synchronously and simultaneously
  • Synchronization in millisecond level for several hours

works with recovib suite



RECOVIB suite is free downloadable software for Micromega Dynamics device management and measurement analysis.
Follow the link below for a detailed description.

works with recovib TINY APP



This application is designed to support the user of RECOVIB Tiny on a smartphone.

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