Passive Damping Devices

Address excessive vibrations with Micromega Dynamics’ Passive Damping Systems. Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD) and Tuned Mass Absorbers (TMA) provide a simple and effective solution to reduce them.

TMA and TMD are mechanical resonant devices used to suppress or absorb vibrations. When installed properly on a machine or structure, they draw away vibrational energy from the structure or machine and dissipate it internally, hence reducing their motion.

They do not require a redesign of the target structure/machine and do not interfere with the main structure/machine function. This makes them an ideal solution for existing machine retrofitting/troubleshooting.

TMA and TMD have been successfully implemented on rotating machines such as large water pumps, rotary no-break systems, chemical reactors, wind turbine gearboxes and scroll compressors etc.

The vibration sink

Passive Damping devices’ typical use

Rotating machinery


  • Whenever alignment and balancing of the rotating equipment has been performed but the vibration level is still too high
  • Excessive structural vibration excitation during ramp-up or slow-down (stirring machine, flywheel, etc.)

Mechanical structures


  • Whenever isolating the structure from excitations coming from the ground is not possible or does not give good results
  • Whenever increasing the system stiffness is not an option
  • Piping vibration

Inspection machines, Robots, etc


  • Time-to-stabilization improvement when fast decelerations cause structural oscillations (e.g. robot arm, inspection machine with moving camera, etc.)

Wind turbine tonalities


  • Wind turbine gear box vibration/noise emission reduction

Passive Damping devices’ features


Experience seamless vibration reduction with Micromega Dynamics’ Passive Damping System:

  • Vibration reduction with a TMD or TMA is a non-intrusive process. No structural modification is needed. The TMD or TMA is simply attached to the apparatus and damps or kills vibrations. The device does not degrade the static strength or stiffness of the target structure
  • Performances with TMD or TMA is an additive process. The more devices you attach to the structure or machine, the more vibration reduction is obtained
  • Fully passive and do not require any energy supply

We also provide Active Damping Devices. Discover it.



Tuned Mass Damper

TMDs to address frequency non-stationary harmonic vibration; to be used on structures subjected to shocks, when rotation speed varies, with a transient speed running over mechanical resonances, or for wideband/random excitation
TMDs with magnetic booster allowing for much higher internal damping, even at high frequencies (required for systems with optimal damping)


Tuned Mass Absorber

TMAs to address stationary harmonic vibration; to be used when the excitation frequency or rotation speed is fixed





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