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Over the last 15 years, Micromega Dynamics has specialised in the field of control and structural monitoring in various markets targeted to both small and large organisations.
We have developed three main activities:

  1. Active and Passive Vibration Control Solutions
  2. Monitoring Solutions and Sensing Systems
  3. Structural Mechanisms

For each of these activities, we provide a comprehensive service by responding to your request with a custom solution. Our team provides you with support in the field to understand the source of your structural problem.

Then, we design, prototype and develop your solution.

To meet your needs, we offer two approaches:

  1. Our product approach: we meet your request with our off-the-shelf products.
  2. Our toolbox approach: our team of engineers and technicians meet your needs by developing a product or customised system based on our experience, our expertise in mechatronics and our toolbox by activity.
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Full service - Request - Design Prototyping - Production - Deployment


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    Human Vibration Meters for both Whole Body and Hand-Arm exposure measurements.

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    Vibration recorders, sensors and acquisition systems.

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Vibration Control

Vibration Control

Vibrations are all around us and are increasingly linked to machine restrictions, whether this be the conventional limitation of machine performance (e.g. printing resolution) and machine reliability (fatigue and wear).

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Sensors and acquisition systems

Sensors and acquisition systems

We are experienced in carrying out in-the-field diagnostics of a given situation. After our diagnostics, we design and manufacture sensing and monitoring systems measuring physical parameters in extreme environments.

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Structural Mechanisms

Structural Mechanisms

Micromega Dynamics offers high-precision mechanism concepts to meet client requirements. We are able to design mechanisms that achieve a high level of integration of mechanics and electronics.

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For each of our 3 activities, we develop our own tools in order to address your custom needs.
Every day our team of engineers develop new tools to design new solutions

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How can you hear ice grow?

Lifetime prognosis with SHM.Tower, our new solution developed in collaboration with our German partner WÖLFEL Group

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