RECOVIB Industrial Accelerometers

The RECOVIB® industrial accelerometers bridge the gap between the performance of laboratory accelerometers (which are often expensive, fragile and offer low protection) and the robustness of industrial accelerometers (which are sometimes cheaper but often noisy and inaccurate).

Our accelerometers can be deployed in industrial environments for monitoring machinery or structures.

The RECOVIB® accelerometers are of proven design and the majority of the models available are widely used in a variety of fields, such as the machine tools, precision machining and on-shore and off-shore wind energy sectors in monitoring or active vibration control applications.

RECOVIB Industrial Accelerometers

Internal signal conditioning

The signals from the vibration sensor are amplified and conditioned by the accelerometer unit itself before being passed to the data acquisition system through a disturbed industrial medium. Our accelerometers are equipped either with a voltage output or a 4-20 mA current output.

The advantage of a voltage or current output also allows for the use of standard connections and acquisition modules (cables, terminals, process inputs etc.) therefore eliminating the need for special cables, fragile connectors or dedicated equipment.

These types of outputs, particularly the current loop output, offer an adequate level of immunity to electromagnetic interference even when a long connection cable is connected to the acquisition system.


Level of protection

The RECOVIB® accelerometers are sealed to an ingress protection level of IP67. We are able to design and develop custom-made units using special protective materials (for example, 316L stainless steel for marine environments).

Galvanic isolation

The RECOVIB® accelerometers offer galvanic isolation of the signal conductors. An additional isolation module is therefore not needed. Multiple sensors can be distributed in multiple locations and connected to the same acquisition system without signal degradation, even in environments with high ground potential differences due to heavy electrical loads operating in close proximity.


Wide frequency range with low frequency response

The RECOVIB® accelerometers operate down to DC allowing for the accurate measurement of low frequency signals. They are therefore also suitable for the monitoring of slow processes (such as monitoring the foundation movements of an off-shore wind turbine etc.).



Comparative table

Current Output 4-20 mA

1 axis2 axis3 axisMeasuring RangeMax BandwidthNoise Level
IAC-I-01IAC-I-02IAC-I-03± 2 g0..1000 Hz50 µg/√Hz
IAC-I-01IAC-I-02IAC-I-03± 6 g0..1000 Hz50 µg/√Hz
IAC-I-CM-01± 25 g0..10 kHz50 µg/√Hz
IAC-I-CM-01± 50 g0..10 kHz50 µg/√Hz
IAC-I-CM-01± 100 g0..10 kHz50 µg/√Hz
IAC-HiRes-I-01IAC-HiRes-I-02IAC-HiRes-I-03± 2 g0..400 Hz8µg/√Hz
IAC-HiRes-I-01IAC-HiRes-I-02IAC-HiRes-I-03± 5 g0..600 Hz10µg/√Hz
IAC-HiRes-I-01IAC-HiRes-I-02IAC-HiRes-I-03± 10 g0..1000 Hz13 µg/√Hz
IAC-HiRes-I-01IAC-HiRes-I-02IAC-HiRes-I-03± 25 g0..1500 Hz28 µg/√Hz
IAC-HiRes-I-01IAC-HiRes-I-02IAC-HiRes-I-03± 50 g0..2000 Hz53 µg/√Hz
IAC-HiRes-I-01IAC-HiRes-I-02IAC-HiRes-I-03± 100 g0..2500 Hz100 µg/√Hz
IAC-HiRes-I-01IAC-HiRes-I-02IAC-HiRes-I-03± 200 g0..3000 Hz200 µg/√Hz
IAC-HiRes-I-01IAC-HiRes-I-02IAC-HiRes-I-03± 400 g0..4000 Hz400 µg/√Hz


  • L:23 x l:23 x H:14 mm
  • L:27 x l:27 x H:18 mm
  • L:39 x l:37 x H:31 mm

Voltage Output

1 axis2 axis3 axisMeasuring RangeMax BandwidthNoise Level
IAC-U-01IAC-U-02IAC-U-03± 2 g0..1000 Hz50 µg/√Hz
IAC-U-01IAC-U-02IAC-U-03± 6 g0..1000 Hz50 µg/√Hz
± 25 g0..10 kHz50 µg/√Hz
± 50 g0..10 kHz50 µg/√Hz
± 100 g0..10 kHz50 µg/√Hz
IAC-HiRes-Ud-01IAC-HiRes-Ud-02IAC-HiRes-Ud-03± 2 g0..400 Hz5 µg/√Hz
IAC-HiRes-Ud-01IAC-HiRes-Ud-02IAC-HiRes-Ud-03± 5 g0..600 Hz7 µg/√Hz
IAC-HiRes-Ud-01IAC-HiRes-Ud-02IAC-HiRes-Ud-03± 10 g0..1000 Hz10 µg/√Hz
IAC-HiRes-Ud-01IAC-HiRes-Ud-02IAC-HiRes-Ud-03± 25 g0..1500 Hz25 µg/√Hz
IAC-HiRes-Ud-01IAC-HiRes-Ud-02IAC-HiRes-Ud-03± 50 g0..2000 Hz50 µg/√Hz
IAC-HiRes-Ud-01IAC-HiRes-Ud-02IAC-HiRes-Ud-03± 100 g0..2500 Hz100 µg/√Hz
IAC-HiRes-Ud-01IAC-HiRes-Ud-02IAC-HiRes-Ud-03± 200 g0..3000 Hz200 µg/√Hz
IAC-HiRes-Ud-01IAC-HiRes-Ud-02IAC-HiRes-Ud-03± 400 g0..4000 Hz400 µg/√Hz


  • L:27 x l:27 x H:18 mm
  • L:30 x l:30 x H:20 mm

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