Active Damping Devices

Do you have highly precise and very sensitive equipment, such as a microscope, an inspection device, an imaging system or a polishing machine and is the use of an active or passive isolation platform , insufficient?

It may be that local/global resonances are degrading the performance of the isolation system, because it is not stiff enough or because perturbation sources are located on the isolated part.

In such a case, our Active Damping Devices provide a solution by introducing structural damping into most of the unwanted mechanical resonances. Up to 15% structural damping can be achieved, without any major redesign effort. Compared to passive dampers, the ADD are lighter and not sensitive to changes in the supporting structure dynamics.

The active vibration sink

Typical Use


  • Structural vibration reduction of isolated machines for performance improvement (microlithography, microscope, chip manufacturing or inspection machines, etc.)
  • Machine tool chatter reduction
  • Improved overlay of printing process
  • Paper mill roll barring avoidance


  • Vibration reduction with an ADD is a non-intrusive process. No structural modification is needed. The device does not degrade the static strength or stiffness of the target structure
  • The ADD performances are not affected by changes in the resonance frequencies
  • Performance with an ADD is an additive process, so the more devices you attach to the structure or machine, the more vibration reduction you get
  • An ADD does not need to be tuned to the respective target resonance
  • Compared to passive Tuned Mass Damper, ADD are usually lighter and better performing
  • Micromega Dynamics has more than 20 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of ADD




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