Mobile Harbor Crane

Improper installation, misaligned or worn rails can lead to excessive vibration during the crane travel, resulting in load concentrations and the resultant fatigue stresses. The complete health monitoring of the cranes can be complex and expensive, however vibration measurement at key positions can provide an early warning and trigger preemptive measures to be taken.

What we do




  • Quick and easy assessment of vibrations
  • Permanent remote monitoring
  • Alert sent by SMS and/or email



Crane Rails Monitoring

Improper installation, misaligned or worn rail, missing clips, worn pads or incorrect crane alignment can give rise to failures or faults. Continuous monitoring of vibration levels at different locations on the crane (typically above the wheels of the trolley) allows for the detection of early degradation based on increased vibration levels or particular trends.

The integration of our industrial accelerometers allows for the monitoring of acquisition devices with global communication and the platform is a perfect fit for this kind of permanent monitoring at outdoor unattended locations. Atypical vibrational phenomena can be detected and alerts generated (SMS or emails) allowing for intervention before degradation progresses too far.

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