Slender Structures

Slender structures, such as telecommunication towers, chimneys and elevated water reservoirs etc. can be very sensitive to dynamic wind loading. Indeed, wind-induced forces can cause significant dynamic response which may lead to structural damages. In the case of telecommunication towers, it can also lead to signal transmission distortion.

Therefore, design criteria for slender structures must include dynamic stiffness which depends on the main resonance frequencies and inherent structural damping. These characteristics must be measured when the structure is first erected and compared with the design data. It is also recommended that they are measured during maintenance activities.

In addition, in harsh/windy environments, the permanent monitoring of structural vibrations is recommended. Indeed, the natural frequencies of a structure can be obtained from acceleration measurements and the shifts of these natural frequencies values can be a good criterion for the evaluation of the structure’s integrity, allowing for preventive action.

What we do




  • Quick and easy assessment of structural characteristics (frequency & damping)
  • Permanent remote monitoring
  • Alert sent by SMS and/or email



 Use of Recovib.Feel for the resonance identification of a telecommunication tower

Thanks to their compact design and use with a smartphone, Recovib.Feel is used by telecommunication tower maintenance engineers. The sensor is placed at the top of the tower and records its impulse response. It is then forwarded to the Engineering team for analysis, i.e. natural frequency and damping evaluation.

Permanent monitoring for Telecommunication Tower

Structural Health Sensors and inclinometers have been used in combination with a Recovib.Monitor acquisition system and the platform for the permanent monitoring of telecommunication towers. The Structural Health Sensors are well suited for these outdoor applications because of their -40°C lower operational temperature limit and their inherent lightning protection. They are also insensitive to the high radiation environment due to the presence of the telecommunication antennas. The system is equipped with 4G connectivity.

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