Rotating Machinery Vibration Reduction

Machines are now being operated at increasing rotational speeds and loads and under increasingly severe operating conditions, leading to excessive machine vibrations, hence the failure of sensitive components.

Usually, situations with excessive vibrations can be solved by proper alignment and balancing techniques. But there are cases where structural resonances are excited by the machine operation resulting in a significant increase of the overall vibration level. This high vibration level can bring the machine out of its safe operating area as advised in standards such as ISO 20816 (formerly ISO 10816).



  • Reduced downtimes
  • Improved lifetime
  • Improved machine safety
  • Improved productivity
  • Less failures due to fatigue
  • Less acoustic noise
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Prevent leaks by reducing joint wear



 Water Pump Vibration Reduction

A 75kW water pump motor experienced excessive vibration levels (up to 11mm/s RMS) due to the presence of a structural resonance in the mechanical supporting structure (see below).

The frequency of this structural resonance lies within the operating range of the variable speed motor, leading to significant vibration amplification.

When the motor frequency varies and sweeps over this resonance frequency, the vibration is amplified to unacceptable levels. Thanks to the TMD, the structural resonance has been significantly reduced.

 Compressor suspension redesign

In the cleanroom of the WSL-Labs in Liège, excessive vibrations jeopardized the manufacturing of sensitive microelectronic devices. Micromega used the Recovib.Tiny to record vibration data in various locations of the building (in the clean room and in the technical room).

The source of vibrations was identified as being the compressor supplying the cleanroom with compressed air. Analysis of the vibrations showed that the mounting of the compressor was badly designed as it allowed the compressor vibrations to be directly transmitted to the building structure.

An improved suspension mechanism was proposed allowing the vibration issue to be solved.

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